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Managing Personal Data

Data protection notice from the MEWA Group of Companies

We should like to inform you about the processing of your personal data by companies of the MEWA Group.

1. Processing of your personal data by the MEWA Group of Companies

The MEWA Group (hereinafter “MEWA”) is a group of companies with locations in Germany and in other countries of Europe. The companies of the MEWA group of companies are engaged in the development, preparation and care of reusable textile systems and provide services in the  textile service field for companies in manufacturing, business, handicrafts, trade and the catering business.

The responsible entity for the processing of personal data is always the MEWA company that is named in the contract.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions on data protection. For this, please go to:

Valutaboulevard 16
NL - 3825 BT Amersfoort
2. Type and provenance of data processed by MEWA

MEWA’s clients are companies throughout the whole of Europe. Accordingly, we only process personal data of natural persons, if this is strictly necessary in order to meet our contractual and legal obligations arising from the business relationship with our business clients. Processing means that we, for example, collect, store, delete or transmit personal data.

Amongst the processed data, are, by way of an example:

• business addresses and contact details such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, function and department of the person we contact at our clients and suppliers, etc.

• names and clothing sizes of our clients’ employees, which we need for providing work clothing

• data, which we need for the correct sending out of invoices, such as bank details, tax reference numbers, etc., provided this is related to the data of a natural person.

The personal data that we process is regularly received within the context of and in the course of the business relationship with our clients. To a certain extent, we also receive personal data from companies within the MEWA Group, for example, in relation to the provision of services to major companies by different locations.

We also process, to some extent and in other ways, such personal data which we have received in compliance with the respectively applicable data protection laws:

• from publicly accessible sources, such as business and company registers, trade fairs, exhibitions, Internet sources, newspapers and classified directories, etc.,

• from third parties who are not connected to the MEWA Group, who may have engaged us to provide work clothing for their employees, trade and industry associations, credit agencies and insurance companies, etc.

3. Purposes of the processing by MEWA and legal bases
We always only process personal data for permitted purposes and in accordance with the respective applicable legal provisions.
3.1 We process data in order to meet our contractual obligations

We process personal data for meeting our contractual obligations to our clients, or in order to take the so-called pre-contractual actions, which follow a specific enquiry.

In such cases, the purpose of the data processing is determined from the contract, which we have concluded with our clients and the services that we must provide as a result of this. As part of this for example, there are is the processing of personal data for the dispatch of leaflets, information on our services or the preparation of firm offers.
3.2 We process data for the protection of legitimate interests (whilst taking into account your interests)

We also process personal data, providing that this is necessary, to protect the legitimate interests of MEWA, of the companies of the MEWA Group or of our clients (and if need be of other third parties). These include in detail for example:

• the supply of cleaning cloths and the provision of work clothing and protective clothing;

• customer service and complaints processing;

• actions for improving our service and for strengthening our customer relations, such as customer surveys, for example;

• collaboration with credit agencies for making credit checks;

• direct mail, providing that you have not objected to the processing of your personal data for these purposes;

• the surveillance of publicly accessed double areas in our branches using optical-electronic devices (video surveillance);

• exchange of personal data between the MEWA Group companies for internal administrative purposes.

3.3 We process data with your approval

We process your personal data on a case-by-case basis only as and when you have given us a corresponding approval. You may as a basic principle withdraw a consent granted to us at any time. But please take note that data processing remains permissible up until the time that the consent is withdrawn.

3.4 We process data in order to meet statutory obligations
We must process certain data in order to meet statutory obligations. Such an obligation can arise from specific provisions of the National trade, industry, taxation or social law as well as from European legal provisions, or example, in connection with regulations concerning the prevention of the financing of terrorism. In detail, statutory retention, storage, communication and elicitation obligations, which, as a rule, serve the monitoring purposes of the respectively responsible official agencies and government authorities, can arise from this for MEWA,
3.5 Information on amendments to purposes
If we should process your personal data at some stage for another purpose than the one to which we have made reference, we shall inform you about such new purpose to the extent to which we are legally permitted and where applicable.
4. Recipients of your data

Personal data shall only be made accessible to other companies of the MEWA group if and to the extent that this is necessary for the safeguarding of our statutory and contractual rights and obligations. For example, this can be the case for the coordination of our contractual services to our clients. Typical cases are the collaboration between MEWA  Sales Department and the company providing service or the servicing of major clients by several MEWA companies.

We collaborate with external service providers for the meeting of certain contractual obligations. For example, this is the case when we have clothing provided in accordance with your requirements, we send advertising material or conduct customer surveys. If we should include external service providers, then this will always be carried out within the limits of and subject to complying with the respectively applicable data protection regulations.

In addition, we only send personal data to other recipients outside of  MEWA , if we are obliged to do so by law. In all other cases, we will only send your data to other third parties, if you have given us a corresponding approval to do so.

5. Communication to third countries or international organisations
We shall not communicate your data to recipients in countries that do not have an appropriate level of data protection (third countries).
6. Storage and retention periods

We process personal data only for as long as it is necessary for the fulfilling of our contractual obligations. As soon as the data concerned is no longer necessary for this, it will always be deleted.

But, to meet certain statutory requirements. we must, in addition, store individual items of data even after the ending of contractual relations. . These include for example, documentation, certification and retention obligations of the National trade and taxation law. In these cases we are legally obliged to store or retain the data for the periods of time specified in these regulations. Thus, for example, in accordance with the applicable law, the periods for storage and retention are as a rule from three up to ten years or in exceptional cases, for example in the event of legal disputes, up to 30 years for our corporate headquarters in Germany.
7. Obligation for making data available
In order that we can provide our services to our clients, we have to process certain personal data or we may be legally obliged to process this. We will collect the corresponding data upon the conclusion of the contract from you (e.g. address, business contact data and function) or you may make this available to us (e.g. support data).

We are unable to conclude any contracts with our clients without such data.
8. Automated decision-making and profiling

We do not use any automated decision-making processes for decisions which may legally affect or in a similar manner significantly compromise you.

No profiling takes place within the meaning of art.4 (4) GDPR.
9. Your data protection rights

In accordance with the European Data Protection Regulations – or in any case within the statutorily specified limitations of the member states –, those persons affected in connection with the processing of personal data by MEWA Companies shall have the following rights:

• Right to information;

• Right to rectification;

• Right to deletion;

• Right to limitation of processing;

• Right to data transferability;

• Right to revocation.

In addition, you shall have the right to revoke at any time with future effect any previously granted approval for the processing of your personal data. Such revocation shall not be applicable for the past and shall not therefore affect the effectiveness of the data processing already performed up until the time of the revocation.

Should you at any time consider that the processing of personal data by NEWA is not in line with the data protection regulations or if you should be unhappy with any information from us, you have the right, as per art. 77 of the European data protection act, to lodge a complaint with the competent supervisory authority for the respective MEWA company.

Information on your right to revocation

1. Existing right of revocation in a particular case
You have the right, for reasons which may arise from your particular situation, to lodge an objection against specified types of the processing of your data. This right applies for data processing in the public interest and for data processing for protecting legitimate interests. This right, also applies specifically for profiling providing that this is based on these two provisions. In the event a revocation, we shall no longer process your personal data for these purposes. This shall not apply, however, if we can give proof of compelling and legitimate grounds for such processing, which outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms, or in the event that such processing serves the assertion, exercising or defence of legal rights.
2. Objecting to the processing for direct mail purposes

We process personal data for direct mail purposes in certain cases. We do this, for example, if we have information that is sent to you on special offers or for discount campaigns. You shall have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for these purposes. This right shall also apply for profiling, provided that this is in conjunction with such direct mail. In the event an objection, we shall  no longer process your personal data for these purposes.

You can send your objection to us at any time without the need to complete a form. You just need to send an e-mail addressed to:

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