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Purchasing guide



MEWA is a modern company which has been successful on the European markets for many years now thanks to innovation, quality, continuity and successful partnership with its business associates. Further expansion of our business activities can only be ensured if capable suppliers are integrated into the overall concept. MEWA would like to use this guide to provide its suppliers with additional support as part of our mutual partnership. This guide is designed to present our requirements to suppliers and make our internal workflow procedures more transparent.

  • The supplier/customer partnership is of critical importance to further business development.
  • When implementing our purchasing goals, we work together with our suppliers and internal employees in all departments to guarantee the ideal combination of service, quality and price.
  • We are responsible for quality in the procurement of the items needed. Our objective is a zero-error level.
  • Against this backdrop, we need capable and innovative suppliers with whom we can enter into open, fair and long-term cooperation. We engage in positive and active relationship management with our suppliers.
  • Our purchasing decisions are taken based solely upon objective, understandable criteria. We reach internal agreements and act according to standardised criteria and procedures when selecting suppliers, implementing goals and evaluating supplier services.
  • We continually work to improve structures and workflows in purchasing itself, as well as in the entire procurement process.

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